Tuition for September through May is $828 per student for 31 half-hour lessons. This tuition may be paid in installments of $92.00 per month or prepaid in 3-month installments of $262.00, a 5% discount. This 3-month prepayment will be offered in September, December and March. Students who prepay on the quarterly plan may return to the monthly payment at the end of each quarter. An annual prepay with a 10% discount will also be available in August. Student's financial responsibility is on a monthly basis on both payment plans should you decide to discontinue lessons for any reason. Reasonable notice of intent to discontinue lessons is kindly requested. A statement will be sent on the 20th of each month and payment is due on the 5th of the current month. A $2.00 late fee may be charged if private tuition is not paid in full by the 5th of the current month. Lessons may be suspended on accounts more than 30 days past due. Tuition amount is subject to change at the beginning of each new school year.


The annual studio fee is $50 per student. This fee includes all music purchases, computer software, postage, photocopies, group lessons materials, spring recital/reception costs and will help compensate for teacher time spent reviewing and purchasing music, preparing audition forms and attending workshops and meetings of professional music organizations. Studio fees are non-refundable and subject to change each year.


Students must absorb the cost for missed lessons due to illness, weather, vacations etc. No make-up lessons are given. All no-shows are billed regardless of the situation. No make-ups will be given for no-show lessons.


Students will have the option of switching their time with other students. Students will use the "reply to all" email system to request lesson time changes. The cancellation policy above also applies to changed lessons.


No group lessons will given this year. Instead of the group lessons, students will arrive 15 minutes before their private lesson time (or stay 15 minutes after their time) and work on Theory, Composition, Music History, Keyboard Harmony and Sight-Reading on computer programs. These will be assigned to fit each student's individual needs and allow them to track their own progress while having FUN playing innovative games and working with stimulating programs designed to teach these rudiments of music.


Students may keep their same lesson time each year. Students who need a different time will be scheduled into open slows on a seniority basis.


All students must register for either six 45-minute lessons or nine 30-minute lessons in the summer to retain their lesson time seniority in the fall. Students who opt to take six 45-minute lessons will be able to choose six weeks out of the nine weeks that Mark Dickmeyer teaches in order to avoid vacations, summer camps etc.


The amount of time each student should practice daily varies with the individual student. All students should practice at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, to be adequately prepared for their lesson. Students that don't practice will not progress and eventually become frustrated and negative toward their teacher, parents and the piano. Please to try establish consistent practice habits for the best positive experience possible.


Music Binders are provided to every student in Grades K-8. Students are required to bring this binder, which holds all of their music and computer generated assignment sheets, to every lesson. Students should refer to their current assignment sheet when practicing since it outlines what areas they must focus on in each of their pieces.


It is suggested that you keep your piano in tune. All pianos need to be tuned at least once a year. Many pianos will need to be tuned every six months due to the drastic changes in humidity in the area. Tuning is essential to the mechanical well-being of your instrument which in turn protects your investment. My technician/tuner is Lee Santo: 334-7981.


Formal recitals are held each spring. These recitals are held at the Presbyterian Church of the Cross at 1517 South 114th Street. These recitals are optional but strongly encouraged.


Mark Dickmeyer is currently a member of the Music Teacher's National Association, Nebraska Music Teacher's Association, Omaha Music Teacher's Association, Independent Music Teacher's Organization, Nebraksa Summer Music Olympics and Mid-America Music Association. Participation in events sponsored by these organizations is optional, however students are encouraged to take advantage of these performance opportunities whenever they are available. Fees and dates for these events will be announced when they are available.


Students may park on either side of the driveway. Mark prefers that you do not park on the street unless both sides of the driveway are full.
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